Every engine we restore is broken down to a bare block. Then inspected to see if there are any cracks that need welding and that all the threads are in a useable condition. The rebuild from there will depend on customer specification, but you can trust that all the components will be of the highest quality that money can buy*. From standard to TS1 - it makes no difference to us! You get the same bearings.

If something is an improvement it will be fitted regardless of engine size or power output, we aim to give you miles of trouble free riding.

When you are deciding on an engine for your scooter we always ask what are you going to use it for? It's no good having a TS1, if you usually only commute 6 miles a day through heavy traffic - you'd be better off on a standard LI150 - but equally if you are going to do all the rallies... a standard 150 is really hard work on the motorway for 300 miles!

Our advise is think about how you're going to ride? We're not just about power!

*1 year warranty on all complete engine restorations.