Some people like to make a big deal about tuning Lambrettas - over the years we've come to accept that it boils down to this.

• Know what you're doing.

• Only use the best quality parts.

• Never accept that an engine can't be improved.

• and you're heart has to be in it

Tuning is a major part of our work at Scooter Surgery. Our GT kits perform correctly because we only work with quality components. If the gear ratios, carb jetting and ignition timing are not matched to the output of your engine - the kit won't perform to it's full potential. In a worst case scenario internal damage may occour. Cheap cranks simply can't cope with the added BHP of our 'GT' kits.

If you're considering improving the power output of your scooter - either to inhance a mundane commute or to create a balls out speed machine! Give us a call, come down to the workshop and we'll tell you what will suit you best.