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Casa Performance 'SS225' 225cc hyperformance large block complete cylinder kit, for large block 200cc casings / CasaCases / GT Cases.

Casa Lambretta is putting a massive amount of energy and resources into building the Casa Performance range of goods and the ‘SS’ kits are part of that line-up. It is an exact copy of the kit used by ‘Team Casa Lambretta’ during their triumphant 2015 ESC Race Series campaign & the British BSSO 2016 Championships and as those there will testify, the scooters were pretty much unrivalled.

Each SS225 kit itself is manufactured by high pressure casting using the best technology & materials on the market. The piston is forged and the 6 petal reedvalve is quite simply a work of art. Fitted with a good expansion chamber (such as a Protti Race) and a 34mm Dell’Orto carb, you’ll have over 30bhp at the rear wheel. That makes it the most powerful ‘out of the box’ kit on the market and the performance really is superb.

If you mate this up with a ‘Cyclone 5 Speed’ gearbox you’ll have incredible performance. If ever two engine enhancement products were made for one another, then it’s the ‘SS225’ kit and a ‘Cyclone 5 Speed’. The kit comes complete with all gaskets, the carb flange rubber and RLC / Barone recommended general engine & carb setting information. The kit is supplied with one manifold and one carb rubber (the multiple manifolds in the pics are there for reference purposes only).This kit comes with a choice of size for the inlet manifold rubbe rmount and the carb exits on the kickstart side of the scooter.

A larger manifold rubber for a 38mm carb is available to purchase separately.

Tech Info : The compression ratio for the kit is 10.5 :1 using std. Lambretta 58mm crank and fitting the kit as it comes supplied. If your engine has a normal type con-rod, choose the '39mm Comptression Height' piston. If you are running a longer con-rod (usually 116mm or 120mm) then choose the '30mm Compression Height' piston.

X7 Casa Performance SS225 Hyperperformance Large Block Complete Cylinder Kit

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