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When Scooter Surgery opened in 1996 in a small unit in Tooting there was a notable lack of dedicated Lambretta specialists in London; no one was working on 'tuned' scooters at all!

Patrick Hood (Patch) left his previous career as a professional ballet dancer to concentrate on one of his other passions - Lambrettas.

24 years later Scooter Surgery maintain a reputation for high quality attention to detail using only the best quality components. By exploring ways to improve upon the established norm - we strive to keep our customers riding the best engineered Lambretta scooters on the road.

As a main agent for Casa Lambretta, Scooter Surgery has a comprehensive parts department run by the ever cheerful Maude. As well as supplying every part needed for home restoration, Scooter Surgery is also working with manufacturers in the UK and Italy to improve upon and develop previously unavailable components.


Lambretta repairs
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