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Scooter restorations

Scooter restoration for your Lambretta Scooter

Lambretta restoration

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The first thing we do in relation to body work in a Lambretta restoration is make sure all panel work fits correctly, fitting missing parts where necessary - it's far easier to fit parts before the paint goes on! Then the Lambretta scooter is completely stripped down to its base components.

The metalwork is blasted back to bare metal. The scooter restorations for Lambretta scooters are undertaken by a professional blaster who is used to working with classic bikes and scooters. You might think you can use any old blaster? This is not the case, I've seen many a Lambretta scooter where the owner thought he could save money by getting the blasting done cheap - by the time we get the metalwork it is distorted (if not full of holes!) - Either the pressure was too high or a wrong grade of grit was used. John (our sprayer) has had nightmares trying to repair badly blasted bodywork.


The Lambretta scooter goes to the bodywork department where John applies the paint and panel beats areas that need attention. When the painting is complete the scooter returns to our 'reassembly' Lambretta restoration workshop where it is put back together using all stainless fittings and top quality Italian rubber.

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