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Flywheel puller tool from Spitfire Tools


See an independent review and video of it in use from SLUK


  • Thread chasing facility
  • Cleans out the threads as it is threaded into the flywheel 
  • Re-forms any minor damage to the fine pitch threads.
  • Carefully selected and precise thread tolerance
  • The taper design, on each flute trailing , enables the contamination to be easily collected and retained in the flutes.
  • the Spitfire Tool M27 thread has been designed with a unique chamfer that aligns the tool easily with the flywheels’ internal thread.
  •  hexagon head which measures 30mm A/F for ease of use with any adjustable spanner, open ended spanner or socket.
  • Pending patent
  • Made by Spitfire Tools
  • Made in Staffordshire, England

Lambretta scooter flywheel puller

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