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This is the amazing 'Octopus' 8 - stud rear hub + layshaft KIT!

The kit consists of the following parts:

1 x Octopus 8 - stud rear hub 1 x multi-spline Superstrong layshaft

1 x special rear hub bearing with unique oilseal

8 x special hub studs

8 x special 14mm Lambretta style wheel nuts

8 x split washers

1 x special rear hub nut

1 x locking ring set for rear hub nut

The hub is supplied complete with all 8 studs, special nuts and lock washers. This is a breakthrough in Lambretta technology. This hub does away with the dire rear hub cone set-up as the hub has multi-splines. “Why is that good news?” you may well ask.


The true-ness of the running of your wheel depends on the cone itself, as the whole wheel & hub set up rests on that, which is then effectively crushed every time you tighten your rear hub up! And who changes their cone on a regular basis? No-one…. So the chances of the rear wheel & hub running true are minimal to say the least. The Octopus rear hub does away with the cone, and the hub sits directly up against the face of the (enlarged) inner bearing track. If your wheel rim is straight, then the whole set-up will be perfect. It spins roundly, not ovaly. That equates to smoother riding and less vibrations.


On the safety side, the casting for these hubs has been made utilising an original ‘FP’ Innocenti mold and the Casa Performance team worked for 12 months on getting these hubs right. The thickness of the aluminium casting around the steel centre-boss of the hub has also been increased.

Importantly, the Octopus rear hub has EIGHT studs, as opposed to the standard Lambretta 4-stud arrangement, so you now have DOUBLE the number of nuts fastening the wheel to the hub. Casa Performance has produced tubeless wheel rims with 8-stud holes, in a variety of finishes and colours X77. The supplied studs with each Octopus hub have smooth shoulders in the central sections, which offer better support for the wheel rim compared to other extended studs on the market which are threaded along their entire length.


The best choice is the Casa Performance wheel rim X77 as that has 8-studs. Alternatively, you can use ANY Lambretta wheel rim, either tubeless or standard inner tube type, from any other manufacturer.


If you use a standard type, 4-stud INNER TUBE TYPE wheel rim, please note that 4 of the wheel mounting lugs on the Octopus hub are recessed to accommodate the ‘head’ of the stud on the rear of the wheel rim. As there are a multitude of sizes of the stud heads used by various manufacturers of wheel rims, ensure that the heads can sit freely into the 4 recesses of the Octopus hub before tightening it up. If any resistance is felt, carefully remove some of the (powder coating) paint in each recess on the hub, or on the actual stud heads. Modern paint can be quite thick and combined with the powder coating of the Octopus hub, this can seriously reduce the available space. If you fail to do so, you can crack the lugs of the hub when tightening up the wheel mounting nuts.


If We have seen that some hubs may have aluminium mold ‘flash’ within the recess where the dust lip of the actual engine casing sits into. This can cause the hub to lock up slightly or entirely when tightening the main 27mm nut. If that is the case, carefully remove the aluminium mold ‘flash’ with a Dremel or similar tool. The manufacturers are now aware of this issue and all current and future production have been machined in the recess to remove any excess aluminium ‘flash’.


X74K Octopus 8-Stud mutiispline rear hub + Layshaft Kit

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